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Experience. Intuition. Ingenius.

Do you want to achieve your goals but don't know where to start? Let me help you. Below you will find all the services I offer. Contact me if you have any questions or special requirements.


Process Automation

Productivity, accuracy and motivation

  1. RPA

  2. Process Consulting

  3. BPM

  4. Center of Excelence.

Do you want to boost your business? By improving processes and removing tedious and repetitive tasks from people, you can do it. Contact us to find out more.

Efectos especiales

Data Governance and Analytics

Improve decision making

  1. Data Quality

  2. Data Analytics

  3. Business Intelligence

  4. Consulting.

Having accurate data helps improve the user experience with your business. Make an appointment with us and learn how we help your business prosper.

Software and Testing Factory

The route to success

  1. By demand or requirements

  2. By  deliverables

  3. Staffing

  4. Functional Testing

  5. Technical Testing

  6. Automation Testing

We hear you and provide the services best fit for the moment your company needs.

consola de programación


Stay Up to date, competing and valued

  1. Artificial Intelligence

  2. Internet of Things

  3. Computer Vision

  4. Chatbots

  5. Omnichannels

  6. Integrations

  7. Cloud

  8. Mobile

  9.  Low Code

Todays survivall means gear up and be disruptive!  we help you achieve this!

Drone Quadcopter

Best Practices

Stay safe, best efforts done good!

  1. ISO

  2. Devops

  3. ITIL

  4. ISTQB

  5. Programming languages

Prepare your team and your company with standards they will guaranty money well spent.

tiro al blanco

IT Operations

IT alert and well prepared

  1. Hardening y security

  2. Consulting in OS, DB, Middleware

  3. Cloud Services

  4. Monitoring and Admin of Infraestructure

  5. IT Automation

  6. Assets Management

  7. IT and Applications Support

A complete service for your IT Operation area.

Sala de monitoreo

Application Security

Lets build a wall against intruders!

  1. Application Securiy

  2. Code Revision

  3. Vulnerability Analisis

  4. Pentesting

  5. Ethical hacking

  6. Forensic Analisis

Don't wait, your organization needs to block trespassers!

Image by Dan Nelson